The Guild of Artisans by Aesop

Aesop’s seansonal Gift Kits for this year, collectively titled The Guild of Artisans, pay respects to materials frequently employed in Aesop spaces: ceramic, leather, textiles, copper, timber, and marble. They also honour historic craft guilds, and those who spend a lifetime honing the knowledge and techniques that enable them to excel in their respective crafts.

Traditions of master craftsmanship first emerged in the Middle Ages, burgeoning particularly in the 13th, 14th and 17th centuries across Europe, Britain, the Ottoman Empire, India, Japan and China. These periods saw the rise of professional guilds established by specialist practitioners to effect representation, regulation, and settings in which generations of successors could flourish. By the 19th century, many guilds had succumbed to economic and technological change; but their founding spirit remained in the philosophies and practices of advocates such as Ned Ludd, William Morris, and George Katsutoshi Nakashima. Please watch this brilliant video


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